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Welcome to the Forum!

Whenever you become a member, please stand out by telling the other members about yourself
by posting a greeting in this section.

I see many new members arriving everyday but I rarely see a new member post right after becoming a member.
Seems those that don't post on the day of becoming a member usually wait to post to when they have a problem with their TLX.

Personal view: It could be me, but when I have people at work coming to me asking for help without an introduction, I feel something is amiss. If I see the first post is a problem experienced by the new member, I miss out on "seeing you" and just "see the issue". Maybe posting online is different, but when I have friends stopping by to introduce themselves, we have a nice conversation of introduction. Maybe on the next visit the friend can ask for help. Maybe I am over analyzing.

In any case, please feel free to post in this section when you become a new member. Introduce yourself to the crowd. Offer some subject matter about you or just say "Hello". It would be nice to learn about you and your interests within the forum. Tells us your TLX plans: purchase, lease, or just looking. Any fellow forum member would enjoy hearing from you.

You don't have to have a TLX in your possession to post in this section.

If you do have a TLX and this is your first post, you can post here or within the section accessed by the following link...

TLX Owners Check In Area - Acura TLX Forum

Even if you just post one message during your membership, please let us know you are here.

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