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We really need to beef up this section with new member introductions.

New members introductions are introductions made by new members that
have joined our friendly group and have not yet purchased or leased a TLX

New members that are still looking or waiting to buy should feel comfortable
about telling us where you are from and what you are looking for, if and when, you purchase your TLX.

You don't need to make your first post about an issue or a review of your new TLX.
Your first post can be made right here in this introduction section.

If you haven't introduced yourself before buying your TLX and are ready to post now,
drop by the check-in area and introduce yourself there.

When you get a chance, post some pictures. Seeing smiling, happy faces on TLX receiving day is enjoyable to watch.
It reminds us of our delivery day.

If you are one of those 992 guests wandering through our halls, please think about becoming a member.
All of us would love to hear from you.
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