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Watch and listen to the Acura NSX Prototype zoom around in a short video

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This video of the Acura NSX Prototype zooming around a track is only 6 seconds long, but there is a lot of value in those 6 seconds. The growl of the engine acts as a great teaser. I feel like I have been hearing about this car for such a long time. Just release it already. I am sufficiently hyped.
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thanks for posting the video, i really love how it sounds, sure sounds like a V6 engine. design doesn't seem too far off of from it's concept.
Love it!

Apparently McLaren and Acura have teamed up on a production vehicle, maybe this is it?
found an official one minute video of the NSX :D

found an official one minute video of the NSX :D

The New Acura NSX Prototype - YouTube
for a second we get a quick glimpse of the interior, mainly the steering wheel.

i had my fingers crossed for something much like it's concept:

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