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Does anyone know how to tell if your TLX is in VCM mode? There is no icon to tell you the engine is running with 3 cyclinders. My wife's Pilot has a little ECO icon to tell you the engine has switched over to 3 cyclinders.
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No, its on the RDX, MDX and now TLX. But they don't have an idicator to tell you its on.
I have heard a few people mainly from the MDX say they hear clicking when its going between the different cycles but I have never heard it myself.
Might be a good idea that they include some dash indicator for this, would make the user experience better, lets just hope they're listening.
That will be nice if there is such an
Indicator but what i noticed on a hot sunny day and I switch to ECON I felt the engine cut down it's power and A/C fan power slows down too. I could not even race a Honda Civic side by side when I took off on green light?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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