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Hi everyone. I kind of posted this question as well in my New Member introduction, but not sure how many people look at those, and I would love some feedback as soon as possible, so please forgive me if me posting here as well is out of line.
Long story short... I test drove a couple TLX's and have pretty much settled on this being the car I want. During the those test drives (1 test drive at two different dealers) no numbers were discussed at all. Since then I've been emailing one salesman about what I'm looking for and how I might go ahead and wait till the 2016's come out to see if there are better incentives then. So, today he emails me with the first offer:

"With the current incentives and if you can make a purchasing decision prior to month end, I'll let you steel one from me. I have a black/black 4 cyl tech stk# you can buy for $33,188 + tax, doc, & title. That's a sick deal but you must take delivery my 6/29 @ 8:00.

I'll stress again, you will not purchase a new car for less then a service loaner. I'm offering this deal because we are 6 sedans away from a sales bonus from Acura. This IS the 'wise' money and the best deal I can offer you."

So what does everything think of the offer. Should I try to go lower... should I try to get something thrown in like oil changes or floor mats?? I've never bought an Acura before so not sure if those may be included anyhow.. but I've read other say that had to have floor mats thrown in to the deal.. what is the protection pack?
Thanks in advance for your time and advice!
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