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Top 10 Luxury Cars Under $35,000

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Paradoxically, automotive luxury brands are reaching downmarket to lure new customers and that means you win.
In fact, it’s pretty easy to find 10 cars under the $35,000 mark. Sure, a few of these cars seem to be lacking those luxury-defining features, but what can you expect for the price? Our list is in order of most expensive to most affordable, and all prices include destination.
Did you know the Acura TLX is one of the most affordable luxury cars available? Learn more about the Top 10 Most Affordable Luxury Cars Under $35,000 at
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How much of a factor was the lower price of the TLX in your buying decision? If it was priced similar to some of its rivals would you have still chosen it over the others?
The price is definitely a factor because it makes the TLX a good value in my opinion. But I think I would pick the TLX anyway because reliability is very important to me. I know Lexus is very reliable as well since I own one and have no issues with it. I find driving an Acura much more enjoyable than a Lexus, though. I won't even consider a BMW, MB or Audi because I really don't trust their reliability. I know too many people who have had major problems with them. When I am spending this much money, I prefer to stick with what I know. I'm on my 4th Acura and have never had any regrets about owning one.
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im with syzygy. value is most important (what you are getting for the price) plus reliability and cost of ownership. lexus is reliable too but all their cars cost much more upfront compared to TLX and cant beat it in terms of value

IS is too small compared to TLX and if you move up to the GS that's like RLX price range.....
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Interesting that the Lexus CT is on this list. My experience with this vehicle's shortcomings is the reason I will never even consider another Lexus. I had an RX that was a great car, but the CT was noisy, voice commands were a bad joke, and don't get me started on the resale value of this tarted up Prius. Can't say anything bad about the gas mileage that was great. The dealer's response was what do you expect from an entry level car? Hopefully I won't be disappointed when I take delivery of my SHAWD Advance later this month.
Once the new Mercedes GLE hits the market, a list like this should get interesting as i think it's a vehicle that should at least start within that range.
The TLX is a bit cheaper than most of its rivals. I wonder if that makes Acura more of a Buick type brand (in the middle of luxury and economy) instead of a "true" luxury brand. I would say that it is about more than the price point, but based on price alone, Buick sells some sedans that are more expensive than the TLX. The TLX costs less than both the Regal and the Lacrosse. The Verano costs quite a bit less, but it is also a small size sedan.
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