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White on Black!

Took delivery last Friday, so I thought I'd finally check in. Aside from a few frustrations from the dealership itself, I am loving the car so far. I haven't gotten the HomeLink or AcuraLink working yet, but I hope to have that sorted out this week.
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There is a lot of tech to learn. Take your time and enjoy the learning experience. Maybe take some photos?

Congrats on the buy. Post up a picture when you get the chance.

Welcome to the forum and let us know what you think of your TLX as you get to know it better.

Nice to see a fellow Toronto resident too!
Thanks guys. I'll post pictures after the winter probably. I've unfortunately put some winter tires on some rather unslightly steel rims, so it's not exactly the best look lol
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Welcome to the team! Great car and i think you will enjoy it. Lol on winter tires and rims, cant wait for spring time and getting out of the 'hip waders' and into summer tires.

What colour?

Keep us posted on how everything goes. I know some guys here will be interested in gas mileage reports, whether that be minimal or in depth.
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