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speculation for now, of course, since the IS 200t is not released yet (nor the new ILX)

we all know that acura is putting up the ante with their "meh" ILX by putting TLX's 4-cylinder engine into the 2016 ILX (but without PAWS). but looks like lexus will also play the same game buy changing their engine to a 2-litre turbocharged engine for their IS200t

the new drivetrain on the IS200t will likely blow the new ILX out of the water (but of course likely more expensive too), but how do you feel it will fare against the TLX, especially the 4-cylinder model?

yes got bored at work, and yes i am still in the market for a potential next car, but will be at least the end of 2015 before i really consider. and i will be honest, i like the interior finishing in lexus cars in general more than acura (but of course you pay more too)
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