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TLX on JDM Accord 17" Winters

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Put my winter tires and rims on today. These are the JDM Accord wheels (Japanese Accord = TSX).


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Not bad at all, they look clean and OEM, if you were to just post this picture and no commentary to go with it, i would have thought that it was stock wheels that came with the TLX!
Those look great. Do you have any pics from the side? I'd love to see how A-Spec wheels would look on the TLX.
What cooking good looking!!! Proper, where did you get the wheels if i might ask?
I like the contrast with the black car color - nice !
Thanks everyone! I'm actually starting to like these more than the factory rims lol.

I got them from a company that imports used parts for Japanese cars from Japan in Mississauga - PM me if you're in the Toronto area and want the name. They are in decent shape. The date stamp on the inside of the wheel says they were made in 2002, but I don't think these were ever driven in the winter, because they don't have any corrosion - just some scratches.

I'll grab a pick of them from the side this weekend.
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