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TLX Max tire/size charts?

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Is there any real info out yet on the max tire / wheel sizes that will fit on the TLX? My 19" Honda HFP rims will be in soon and I was wondering what the max width is. I plan on buying the same size that I had on my 2014 Accord Touring (245/40 if I recall right) but if I can go wider on the TLX I would (say 255/40/90)
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Tire Rack has an optional size for the TLX SH-AWD of 245/40/19. They don't mention any other options.
How wide are your 19" HFP wheels? That's what determines how wide your tires can be.
Here's a screenshot of some of the alternate tire sizes for the TLX according to Discount Tire.

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Good stuff! Thank you! I may shoot for 255/40/19 if possible!
Wow, that's pretty wide. How wide are your 19" wheels?
Wow, that's pretty wide. How wide are your 19" wheels?
Honda 19" HFP wheels are 8.5's. I actually just confirmed that I had 255/40/19's on them which fit my 2014 Accord touring perfectly (drove on them for a year fine). Shouldn't have any issue with the TLX.
My 19" wheels should be in on Monday, hope to have new rubber on them soon after with pics
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