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I finally got around to listening to a favorite Internet radio station on the way to work today. Very neat to listen to live radio in another state, or even country, while driving to work.

Prior to visiting Ouray, Colorado in the Summer of 2012, I found an enjoyable radio station to listen to. I was listening in the previous winter of that year and heard of blustering snow and cold temps. After a while I decided to visit the area including other cities in Colorado. I asked the radio station manager for a tour. He agreed happily. When I got there he introduced himself and called his brother over to meet with me. Eric works the shift in the afternoon and Ethan works the shift at night. They also mentioned that Janet works the morning shift. It was fun to tour their studio. I have always been fascinated with radio broadcasting. Eric even interviewed me on the air. It was a cool experience. The radio station is a side job to their main job of being electrical and electronic engineers for the town. I still enjoy listening and feeling like I am still part of the town.

:::Mountain Chill:::

This is not an advertisement and I do not make any commissions. :)

Anyhow, I like listening to the snow reports and cool, chill music while driving in Sunny South Florida. Today the temps are back up in the 80s. Sound quality is pretty good. Time to lower the air-conditioning temps in the car.>:D
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