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You guys must be wondering how the three letters popped in to mind from Acura. It wasn't just letters thrown together if that is what your thinking.

Hmmm... That is a small rear end for what we expected.

So it appears that If you just change one letter, you might actually solve the mystery. Just simply replace the "L" with the letter "S". Yes, that's right. A TSX. How did this happen you might ask, The new "TL"*(TLX) has changed its name now because it's size has shrunken down to a TSX. But don't be disappointed the 4 cylinder has been phased out. Honda now will be implementing it's new line of Earth Dreams engine with direct injection pumping out 310horsepower and 265 foot pounds of torque. In the works as well is a Hybrid which will be accommodating a whopping 45 mpg.
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