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Sending Map Destination to your TLX Navigation via your Smartphone

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Has anyone tried sending map destination from your smartphone to your TLX's Navigation besides calling the live agent?

Cool to use and can be done by someone who has access to your AcuraLink app.
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I have used it (sending a destination) via the website and the smartphone app. The experience is similar. It does work rather well. I have not timed how long it takes from the request to send and the time of arrival.
On the web (and app), I would also like to "pick" a point on the map and send that destination. You must enter in an address.

But you need to know where they (the destinations) "arrive" if you do not act on the initial "arrival" of the destination(s). I stumbled on them after I sent several destinations and only used the first one (to store it in your address book).
If anyone can recall the "location" of sent destinations, please chime in!!
You can find them from More destinations--Download POI--From AcruaLink
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I use it all the time. i find it's one of the most useful features. i use it via the app.

you can also make custom routes in bing maps and upload them to the gps as a .KLM file via a usb stick.
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