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I took my 2015 TLX in for a second oil change, B1, today. I also showed the rep the latest TSB, TSB 15-024 - Product Update: PCM Software Does Not Meet OBDII Regulations. He said that I needed the Product Update and provided a loaner car for me. The loaner was a 2016 ILX. I always wondered how they drive. I did drive the 2015 model. More about that later.

In any case, the rep gave me a printout of the VIN Inquiry Acknowledgement. Maybe someone can use these numbers for reference.

After a couple of hours, I got a status update from my rep and he said it's time for an alignment at 15K. I think I am at 14.2K. "Go ahead and get it done", I said.

So between oil changes I have had no issues with my TLX. The TLX is still a thrill to drive.

Here is my review of the 2016 ILX, just in case you're curious.
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