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Question concerning summer tires/fit

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First a little background. Previous car was a 2010 TSX V6 Tech, to which I added Pirelli Zero Nero tires - 235/45 ZR18. Fantastic on the road, but after 20 miles - yes only 20 miles - nail through the sidewall. As it was time to switch to my winter set, I didn't bother replacing it.

Switch to present day, car now TLX V6 SH-AWD. Again, love the car, and it's now time to replace my winter set with new summers. Phoned my local dealer - no luck; phone Pirelli who tell me that the Zero Nero is discontinued, and replaced by the Zero Nero GT, which is compatible with the old Zero Nero. However, can't mix on the same axle. As there's virtually no wear on the tires, they're offering me a no charge exchange, meaning that I'd get the 2 tires for the price of one.

My question is this, as after talking to my dealer, they know that the tire will fit the OEM rim, but can't be sure that there won't be any tire rub: is there sufficient room such that there won't be any tire rub? I'd like to know, obviously, before I purchase the 2 new tires.

The Zero Nero GT tires are the exact same dimensions as the original Zero Neros.
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There is a gap in your story and it seems like you want to put two of the tires from the TSX on the existing TLX wheels along with two new tires. They will work, will be no tire rub, but the speedometer will be slightly off. Use this tire calculator Tire Size Calculator | Comparison of tires and wheels to confirm the tire measurements.
Thanks for the quick reply - apologies for the slow response - keep you posted on how it goes....
235/45 is basically the same overall diameter as the stock 225/50 and the upgraded 245/40. Thats actually a nice in-between size so they should fit no problem.
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