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This is a rather minor detail, but when I was looking at TLXs on the used market, I noticed a few examples that had the badge on the side of the door. It is very uncommon in my observation and seems to be somewhat inconsistent which makes me think that this is a dealer add on and not something officially offered by Acura. It isn't some sort of Earth shattering idea to take the trunk badge and place it on the side, but I just find it to be an intriguing difference. If it was official I wonder what the pricing was for this option.

I saw this pre facelift base TLX the other day with the side chrome blades and the TLX badging. The other image is from an online listing of a facelifted base model but only with the badge and no side chrome blades. One notable detail is that the badge on the pre facelift is the old style script and the facelift is the new style script. I think I have only seen it a handful of times online on other models including V6s but not on any A Specs.
Yeah I have seen these too! And they are interesting to see, but looks quite ugly to me too! I would hate to see it on A-Specs
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