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It's been almost a month that I've been driving my TLX V6-Tech.

So far so good. I am most impressed with the handling and all the technology has been flawless so far. Never had the blindspot warning thing before and that has been pretty cool. Not used to rear view camera. Wish it had a beeping warning when you're close to objects backing up.

Been driving in sport mode mostly because I like the pep. After testing the BMW 335i, I really do crave a fast car and sadly the TLX doesn't approach the BMW's desire to just to GO REALLY FAST. But it's decent enough. And it's over 10K less. Also the interior just feels right compared to a lot of other cars in its class. I find it really comfortable, striking the right balance between being a bit sporty and bit luxurious.

The stereo didn't wow me at first but I'm beginning to appreciate its subtle charms. The sheer choice of audio outputs - radio/satellite/iphone/pandora etc. etc. is really amazing. Doesn't feel like the sound fills the car the way I imagined. Can't imagine using the CD player and the accompanying hard drive so that's kind of a waste.

Haven't actually received a text yet while driving so don't know if that works. But phone does and bluetooth is perfect every time. Love the feature where you can unlock doors just by putting hand on the handle. So much easier than having to push a button on the key fob. And locking doors same way is great.

I just de-activated the automatic seat repositioning - getting annoying having to wait for it to engage every time I got in car. Nice idea conceptually though.

Experimented a bit with the paddle shifters but that will take some more time to figure out. Not sure if I ever will use them.

So pretty happy overall with this car. Big positives are the interior comfort and the nice handling/steering. Feels sporty but luxurious at the same time. Kinda strikes a nice balance and I'm a classic libra lol.
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