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Official TLX Tint Level Thread

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Hey guys, for the benefit of everyone on this forum, and for those who are looking to join, I'm creating an Official thread on window tint, that everyone will be able to use when they decide to tint their TLX.

Please post pictures of your current car or new TLX, along with the tint % for your front and rear windows. This should be interesting....
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I read on the news that here in New York, the tint law might change where our cars won't pass inspection if your car has tint. You will have to remove it in order to drive your car, pass inspection, and then put them on again. State inspection locations will be required to have devices which read how much tint you have on your car, and then they also have to decide whether the tint came with your car when it was brand new (then it would be okay like on an SUV).
the law isn't changing, they're just going to start enforcing it.
so it's not if you have tint, it's if you have tint that doesn't comply with the law.
nys dmv website says 30% block / 70% transmit. (

I'm still kicking around the idea of getting tint done....
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