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Official TLX Tint Level Thread

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Hey guys, for the benefit of everyone on this forum, and for those who are looking to join, I'm creating an Official thread on window tint, that everyone will be able to use when they decide to tint their TLX.

Please post pictures of your current car or new TLX, along with the tint % for your front and rear windows. This should be interesting....
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What would you guys get in places that you're not allowed to do the fronts? 30% rear? I think it would look ridiculous if it's too dark. I need help on this haha.
Well, I finally got my tint applied! 20% in the rears. I think that's dark enough especially since it's illegal to tint the fronts here and I didn't want an insane contrast.


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Why are they so aggressive about the rear windows? Man, I'm glad to live in Alberta where we don't even require front license plates.
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