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For every one who want to use aftermarket headunit and stock amplifier with Premium Sound System I wrote an app for android to control amplifier.

In some models of Accord VIII (EU) and Acura TSX with Premium Sound system stock amplifier is connected to headunit only with right and left channel. Sound processing and balance is made by amplifier. The headunit communicates with amplifier by two signal wires (Data + and Data -). If You installed aftermarket radio there are problems with low volume, fading and balance. Chinese made a can bus box that sends some commands to amplitude, but it sucks (it sends low bass and treble settings and balance +2 to right).

I wrote a program for android that sends massages to amplifier via RS485/USB converter and allows to set Your own parameters.

You need some RS485/USB converter. Best on FTDI chip. I'm using Waveshare one (Industrial USB to RS485 Converter, Original FT232RL and SP485EEN )

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Connect " +" and "-" to Data wires of amplifier (look at some audio wiring scheme of Your model).
Install apk:

In case someone would like to correct or modify something here is the source code:

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The app gets the GPS speed to increase volume (like original SVC function)
You can control amp volume by android or separably - there is a switch.

I'm testing app for two months and it works fine for my car (Accord 8 EU - CU2, 2,4l, Premium Sound System).
My amplifier is 39186-TL4-G020-M1:
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I think it should work for every car with similar amplifiers.
If someone find it useful feedback would be nice.
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