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OK, this is certainly a touchy subject, but in my line of work, I find all sorts of new devices. This new device is called an Odometer Blocker or Mileage Stopper or Mileage Blocker. Yes, they all do the same thing by stopping or freezing your odometer.

I first need to mention: It is ILLEGAL to sell a car without disclosing the known mileage.

Let me just get into a FAQ to help you understand what this product is:

Q) If illegal, why would I want this on my car?
A) If you do lots of dyno testing or perhaps towing your vehicle, this product will prevent mileage from adding up on your odometer.

Q) Is it illegal for me to do this on my own car if I don’t intend to sell it?
A) Yes and no. Why would you have it on your vehicle if you didn’t intend to sell your vehicle someday???

Q) Will this device only freeze my odometer or can I set the odometer to any mileage I want?
A) It will only freeze your odometer. There are some much more expensive devices that can change your odometer to any number you want, but keep in mind that oil change shops, tire shops, dealerships, CarFAX, DMV and other places write down your mileage. If you have 80,000 on Monday and then 2 years later have 80,010 miles it will certainly look suspicious.

Q) How much does this device cost?
A) The price ranges between $250 to $500 depending on the car. Currently there is no production for Honda or Acura.

Q) Why are you telling us about this if they don’t make a product for Honda and Acura?
A) They make for Toyota, Nissan, Audi, VW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover, Ford, BMW, Lexus, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, Porsche, Chevrolet, Bentley and Lamborghini. Honda and Acura will certainly be coming very soon.

Q) How difficult is this product to install?
A) Plug and Play: It’s actually pretty easy and fast (about 30 minutes or less). No cutting or soldering. This plug connector just goes between your wiring and odometer on the back of your cluster. It can be turned on and off by using the RETURN (or similar) button on your steering wheel for 10 seconds. (See attached picture)

Q) Are there various modes on some of these devices?
A) Yes, some companies can Mode 2, which adds only 10% to your odometer. Mode 3 will add only 50% to your odometer. Mode 1 will fully stop the odometer.

Q) Can a dealership tester/scanner detect this device?
A) Allegedly, no.

Q) Does the speedometer and other assist systems perform the same?
A) Yes

Q) If I disconnect this device, will it then show the higher true mileage or will it continue to show the frozen mileage?
A) Depending on what specific product you purchase. Cheaper products only manipulate the digital readout, so when you unplug it, it will then show the higher mileage.

Q) Do you recommend this product?
A) Absolutely NOT. I bring it to everyone’s attention as one car enthusiast to another. When you see a highly prized vehicle that you really want on Craigslist with only 200 miles, think twice, as the mileage could have been frozen.

Lastly: Check your local and state laws and regulations before purchasing and using such a product. The author assumes no responsibilities for your legal problems!


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I heard BMW owners do this on leased BMWs and freeze the mileage for the better duration of the lease 👀

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Can I add an alternative here or is it a sponsored post? I've seen a couple of devices like this, and I can approve that these work, and some of them are super simple. But I can share a place to get the cheaper ones if it is okay. Check the . The average price there is $210.
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