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Only "bad" thing I have found so far on my new TLX after day 6, is that I cannot play DTS DVD Audio discs in the car. I'll get over it.

I remember when the 2004 TL came out, it had an HD Radio that could play DTS DVD Audio. The system in the 2004 TL sounded great. The music definition was so clear it sounded like the singer was in the seat behind me with the drummer next to him and the keyboardist seemed to be sitting next to me in the front passenger's seat. The Quadraphonic-type sound was amazing. (I made a copy of their demo CD and even played it in the house stereo.)

Today I did plug in an SACD, but I believe it just read the plain CD portion, which still sounded great. Oh well. Maybe DTS DVD Audio is no longer in demand like it was? I could have missed that message.
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