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Hello all I just purchased my 1st Acura . I have a 2018 TLX 2.4 I4 . I know its not a powerful as the V6 but I plan on enjoying is non the less . It came with 44,095 miles on her . Any tips on what I should be weary about with this car ? I want to add a rear lip spoiler soon but first thing is the tint !!! . Looking forward to all your help and enjoying the group


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Welcome to the TLX Forums, congrats on your very first Acura and your first TLX…as for that specific model, trim and engine you have nothing to worry about really. You got the 8spd DCT that’s pretty much the best transmission Acura has for the 1st Gen tlxs the V6s should’ve gotten it too instead of the pesky 9spd ZF transmission.
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