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Have been lurking around this forum for a few weeks now. I have owned a few honda Accords and a CRV. My 2004 TSX is my first Acura and love it after 250,000 kms but it is over 11 years (this was one of the first released in North America,spring of 2003). Second vehicle is my wife's daily driver a 2005 XTrail, third vehicle is a 2012 Suzuki Vstrom motorcycle with over 35,000km on it already but that is another story. I had no issues purchasing an early version of the TSX as this vehicle had already proven itself in Europe as the European version of the Honda Accord, hesitating on the TLX for a year on account of how new it is.

From the reviews I am looking towards the 4 cylinder Tech (would definately add a space saver spare...maybe from my TSX if I sell that car and would be looking to test drive all models over the next year and purchase a 2016 model..I tend to keep cars a long time and research as well as drive thoroughly). Planning some long cross country upcoming trips in the TSX and hopefully the TLX in a year.
Was part of a similar forum for the TSX and learned a lot from the members. Looking forward to comments from the early TLX buyers.
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