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2022 TLX Type-S Apex Blue Perl, Red Interior
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New to the forum with a 2022 Superman-Spec Type-S.

Mods (so far): All-Weather Floor Mats

I've only had my Type-S about a week, but I've had several Acuras up to now.

2009 TSX (Wife's car, RIP)
2012 TL (Traded for 2020 A-Spec)
2015 TLX (Wife's : Replaced 2009 TSX)
2020 TLX A-Spec (RIP)

I have not posted before, because I did not know about this forum until recently.
Before the Acuras, I was firmly in the Mazda camp, with a highly modified Mazda MP3 that I have owned since new, and still have. I'm in the process of putting the MP3 back together again.

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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the Type-S. Nice history of prior (and current) Acuras!
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