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Just purchased a 2.4 Tech White (Ebony) today. Sadly, it will not be in for 3 weeks... ah, the waiting. Anyway, I am not a big fan of the 17" wheels or tires on the 4; the 18" wheels and tires on the 6 are better. I asked the dealer if I could do a swap, getting credit for the existing ones. They said yes, but the price for the swap counting the credit was going to be $2K. To me, that seems excessive. My alternative is to buy after market 18" wheels and tires and then sell the OEM ones. I am leaning this direction, but have never done this before. Does anybody have recommendations on vendors, etc. on the buying and selling side? Also, does anybody know of a wheel that looks like the Acura wheel used on the TLX Prototype....

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I think something like that would look great on my white TLX.

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Welcome and congratulations on your car. Good luck with the wait. Haha.

As for wheels, Discount Tire as well as Tire Rack both have the capability to have a virtual image of your car with a wheel that you select from their site. Unfortunately neither site has the TLX as an option to use the tool. They both have a large selection of wheels though so that may be a good place to start looking. Enkei makes the wheels for Honda (and I'm assuming Acura as well) so maybe check their site as well.

I'm a big fan of 5 spoke wheels as well and there is a good selection of different
options online.

I did a quick search and I found this style that is similar to the prototype. The prototype are a lot more shiny and have black accents. These are a similar style though.

Let us know how you make out.

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