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Moved up from 2000 TL

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I had hoped to keep the 2000 TL a bit longer, but it developed the dreaded transmission failure issue. Not worth putting a rebuilt tranny in, so I traded it up for a TLX SH-AWD Advanced in Graphite/Ebony.

After I got my TL my Wife got a CL type S. (She still has it.) Decided that I would not go "cheep" on my next car since the type S had features I wished I'd gotten.

I don't drive so much now that I am retired, but the TLX will replace the CL as our "travel" car.

I was glad of one thing. The 2015 TLX is the first Acura in years that I have liked the styling on. Wish the Red came with the black interior, but Oh, well...
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I have a 2000 TL with 85,000 miles on it.
What transmission symptoms should I watch for?
How many miles did you have on yours?
Wish the Red came with the black interior, but Oh, well...
Guess you need to move to Canada as the BRP II is only available with the Ebony interior here.
Congratulations and Welcome to the Forum.

I would have preferred the espresso interior but the parchment grows on you. :)

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The shifting will first start to be "hard". Then it progresses to where sometimes it seems like it does not engage the clutch briefly. Finally, for me, the TCS and Check Engine lights went on and the "D" light blinked.

At that point it seemed that the transmission was only in 5th gear. Letting the car sit for a while seems to help recover. Maybe it is an over-heating issue. Anyway, having been through this with my wife's CL I knew that a re-built transmission was about 4 grand. So upgraded to the TLX.

BTW, if you let the car sit over night and disconnect the battery the Check Engine light resets and you can probably drive to the dealer without serious issues--I did. So I got an ok price on trade-in.
Forgot to say that it had 80,000 miles. But I don't think mileage is the clue. Wife's car had only about 50,000. Probably the key is that the car is out of warranty:(
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