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Key Fob - Reprogram or Reset?

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I had a low battery warning for the key fob (Fob #1) on my 2015 Acura TLX SH-AWD. So thinking this was easy I got a couple new batteries and replaced it. As soon as I clicked the cover shut, the car alarm starts blaring. Fortunately I had the #2 Fob handy and shut off the alarm. took the fob apart again, put it back together, same thing. So I just set it aside and since I am not driving that much in the Covid world I thought I'd figure it out later (called the dealer, of course they say bring it in, which I'm not going to do at the moment). I looked at the fob, noticed that the car alarm button was sort of crooked in the housing so figured it may have been depressed each time I clicked the fob shut. I took it apart again, put another new battery in (tested to make sure it was charged with a voltmeter). Put it back together, and at least the alarm did not go off, but it does nothing. No clicks, nothing works. I can still use it to start the car by holding next to the start button, but I cannot use the remote to lock/unlock the doors, trunk, etc. Now I think maybe the programming has been lost but I really do not know. Replacing the battery was pretty straightforward and I was careful not to bend the prongs, etc. Plenty of videos out there on replacing the battery, but I'm not sure if I have lost the program and need to re-set. Before I take it to the dealer to charge me $100 to walk in the door, I thought I'd take one shot at the forum and see if anyone has an idea? Thanks for any help.
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I’m thinking there were buttons that weren't lined up properly in the fob with the first battery. Not sure why the second battery isn’t working. I would try the first battery again to see if anything happens and maybe make sure the buttons are lined up.
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