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Hello all,

Wanted to share some info with you all. I have owned my type S for a month now and odd things have happened with the interior lights. If you have one of the door handle lights burn out you will lose other lights. It seems they are all connected in a series circuit. I had my drivers door burn out and this caused all but the center pinstripe lights to stop working. I have the carbon fiber inserts so I thought they unhooked something when installing them on the doors but this was not the case. Once the drivers door handle bulb was replace all the lights returned...and WAY brighter than ever plus I gained more colors. The oddest thing is it also seems the proximity sensor is shared with this same circuit. I have never had any warnings when parking, only to two side blind spot indicators. As soon as the bulb was replaced I now have a car outline to the right of the backup cam and audio + visual warning indication. The dealership did not know these things were all linked. They were made aware of the multitude of items on the same circuit as the lights by calling the Acura tech line. If you do not have door handle lights in front and back, pinstripe lights in the center plus each door and lights in each footwell have the dealer start with the door handle bulbs. I thought I was going crazy, turns out one blown bulb can take out a bunch of other things.

This in no way has anything to do with the shitty puddle light design...I call that "Puddle Gate"! Acura is on the hook for a whole lot of recalls. I have heard there is a potential revised fix coming but no info yet. I suspect the sheer quantity of replacements will push that into 2022 before anyone will get the notice. Mine didn't even last a week before the passenger side went out...week two took the drivers side.

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