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In order to keep this section current and orderly, please post problems or issues that you are actively working on with your dealer or Acura Customer Relations or with your state through legal means, such as the Lemon Law.

Please keep one thread per case / issue. The OP will state the case and hopefully provide any updates.

If you want to post your own issue, please post in this section under your own thread as OP. Do not post your own issue under another OP's thread, as your issue will get lost in the shuffle and may be moved unexpectedly.

If you wish to post information as OP concerning how tos, what ifs and general info, please post those in the Engine and Technical Discussion Section, if topic relates to transmission issue. For other topics, post in appropriate sections.

As the OP of your post / issue, please update your post as frequently as possible but don't let the thread remain open untouched by you for more than 30 days.

Everyone please feel free to comment within the posts in this section as you see fit. Also ask questions pertaining to this OP's issue. Participation is still important.

Once the issue has been resolved or left abandoned, the thread will be moved to Complaints - Acura TLX Forum.

Please also be aware that there are many live threads in the Engine and Technical Discussion Section that deal with issues discussed in this section, as do the parallel sections.

Hopefully these procedures will lead to a more productive Issues / Problems Section.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
Not open for further replies.