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Please use this section to post complaints and personal gripes about the TLX
or even Acura. While keeping language and attitudes in check, feel free to vent
in a friendly manner
. Possibly post your message like you were writing to Acura.

Ideas to consider when posting in this section:

The OP should state the complaint, and if possible offer solutions, simple or complex.

Contributors to an existing thread should remain on topic. If you want to cover another
complaint topic other than the OP's topic, please create your own thread.

If you wish to post information as OP concerning how to's, what if's and general info,
please post those comments in the appropriate sections of the forum outside of this Complaints section.

As the OP of your post / issue, please update your post as frequently as possible
if anything in your submitted complaint changes; for the better or for the worse.

Everyone please feel free to comment within the posts in this section as you see fit.
Also ask questions pertaining to the OP's issue. Participation is still important.

As you post and want to complain about an issue, please keep any negativity within this section only.
Try to keep other forum sections as positive as possible. Outside of this section, if someone says how much
they love an accessory or TLX option, please don't stomp on the OP's joy and
state that the specified accessory or option sucks.

Understandably if you have a transmission issue, or other concern, and you are upset about it, feel free to post your initial
frustrated concerns in a constructive manner within the appropriate sections outside of this Complaints section.
If you want to continue to speak or declaim extravagantly or violently; talk in a wild or vehement way; rave,
come here to the Complaints section to seek support.

As moderator, if I feel your posted comments are excessively complaining about a topic outside of the complaints section,
you may find your message moved here. Don't feel bad. I want to keep the other sections informative as possible,
with as much facts as possible,
with less emotion as possible

If you have any concerns or complaints, please feel free to send a Private Message to me.
I don't want to be dictatorial but I want to address concerns of others within the forum.
Feel free to offer suggestions on how to make this Forum better.

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Not open for further replies.