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Perfectly balanced wheels are a must-have setup for every vehicle, let alone charged cars like Acura TLX. Properly balanced tires can be the difference between a good and bad driving experience, preventing vibrations and frustrating noise. Moreover, this is not only about your driving comfort, but also your safety. Vibrations caused by misbalanced tires can lead to a serious road accident especially if you drive a vehicle at a high speed. That’s why all the wheels of your vehicle must be perfectly aligned each and every time you drive it. But how often should you balance your tires? There is no simple answer, so continue reading for more details.
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If you purchase a wheel and tire package at a reputed and reliable store, like, for example, Truck&Gear, most likely it will arrive already mounted and balanced, which means you’ll just need to mount it on your vehicle. Otherwise, you should balance your wheels and tires in the following cases:

  1. You have disassembled your wheels. Each and every time you swap the tires no matter whether they are new or existing ones.
  2. You have damaged one of your wheels due to a road collision.
  3. You feel abnormal vibrations and noise coming from the wheels. Your vehicle may also not move straight forward and turn left or right on its own.

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