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Heated Seats Setting in Climate Control Preset?

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I was playing around with the shortcuts on the OOMD today and noticed that climate control does not include the option to set seat heat or I did not find it. Anyone know if this is possible? Thought it would be nice on really cold days.
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Based on what the owners manual says it doesn't look like it. It says only temperature, fan speed, and vent mode.
Thanks. Figured that would be the case. Maybe another suggestion for a software update? The option would be convenient.
PSX, does this mean that if you activate the ventilated seats, the air that blows out is cold?

Since I do not own a TLX (but am thinking about buying one), I really would like to know if it is worth paying extra for the advance package.

From reading Alex's review of the TLX on youtube, it appears that there is a separate digital control for the ventilation on the seats. If it is turned on, will it simply divert some air from the HVAC of your car? If so, wont the air be warm if you are blowing warm air via the HVAC?

I don't think that fan is turned on when the HVAC is in heating mode.
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