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Hello guys! I am new here. It is a pleasure to be able to share thoughts with you all regarding our TLX's. So, I will give my first thoughts...

I acquired the 2.4 version with Teck Pack, remote engine start, 18" wheels, splash guards and wheel locks.

Driving experience: I enjoy too much to drive this car the since I did the test drive last Saturday in the dealer. Good cornering, tight suspension, good feedback on the steering wheel. I did not like the Goodyear tires during the test drive and I was lucky to receive Bridgestone Potenza together with the 18" wheels. Bridgestone Potenza is not perfect for this car (I like Michelin better), but it is a way better the Goodyear LS2. Another good thing is the, precise...very good. I think would be perfect to have the SH-AWD V6 with this dual clutch transmission.

Fuel Consumption: Impressive. 36 MPG in the highway.

Technology Package: very happy with all the features, specially when I compared the price I paid in the car with other luxury brand cars with the same level of equipment. About the sound, lack some bass (I used to have a Ford Fusion titanium with Sony Premium and it was better on bass), but I could notice this depends on the source pretty much. Putting on HD Radio, no bass at all. Sirius XM pop music channels, some good bass, but Sirius itself is not perfect in medium frequencies. The CD player and Blutooth, much better. If you put a Jazz CD, perfect. As could hear the bass in half of the sources, I think this is more a software/equalization than hardware itself. I hope Panasonic can fix that with updates. I improved a lot trick a little with the set up. One missing important item in the tech pack is the remote start. As I use a lot, I had to pay extra. Even my wife's Ford Escape has this feature.

Comfort: Very good. The seats are nice. I have to drive 27 miles each way to commute and was a pleasant drive. In addition, the LKAS reduces a lot the stress in the highways. I still think this car could have more 2 inches an open a little more space for the back passengers. Beside that, the car is very quite inside, but you can hear the beautiful engine sound when the revs are high.

Appearance: Beautiful car! The only things that do not match in this 2.4 version are that 17" wheels. They are not so beautiful as the car and high profile tires are ugly there.

AcuraLink: looks good, but I did not played too much yet. I will bring more thoughts later.

Overall: Best cost/benefit in his category. I am a big fan of BMWs and I was looking some pre-owned BMWs to buy when a friend talked about the TLX and the price. So I decide to test and get a new one in the same day. Very happy until now. I hope TLX is a reliable car, so I will stay happy for a long time.

So, these are my initial thoughts.



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Thanks for the pictures and nice review @fred_epstein.

Please tells us more about yourself and where you are generally located.
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