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Hey everyone, first thread here.

Bought my 2018 TLX A Spec 3 months ago, 14k miles, been very happy with it so far. Earlier today I went on a hike (12 miles, 90 degrees), hopped back in the car, drove ~20 mins home. When I got out, I noticed the plastic on the driver door had a honeycomb / weathered strip on it. This was new, obviously something that showed up during that 20 minutes.

I thought it may have been because I was dirty and wearing a moleskin on my left arm (was probably extremely hot from being in the sun for hours) - possible I burnt some of that material onto the plastic piece?

Photo of it post-cleaning attempt:


Anyone else had this issue? Or have an idea of where/how I can get a new one? Pretty sure that is not residue ON the plastic, but parts where the plastic’s coating was torn off.
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