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Even the smallest design ideas on the TLX makes me smile. :)

When I was picking up my parents for Mother's Day to go out to dinner, I noticed something I missed earlier.

When I open the driver door, I have the system configured to unlock my door only. I know that I can change this but this is what I decided on.

After dinner, I opened the passenger front door first to let my Mother get into the front seat. Then I went to look for the unlock button on the passenger door to open the rear passenger door for my Dad . The button wasn't there. I was surprised to find the back door was unlocked. When I went around to the driver's side the driver's door and rear passenger door on that side were also unlocked. Guess I never had more than two people in my car or I always unlocked manually by using the unlock button on the driver's door panel.

Cool. :)

p.s. Sorry if I am the last one to know about this feature.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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