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Honda Performance Development continues to develop the new NSX into a full blown racing machine.

HPD boss Steve Ericksen told Sportscar365 that they're currently debating weather they should do a GT3 or GTE platform. “It was one of the reasons I was at [Road America], to try and get a sense of what the options are and how well those options fit with American Honda’s plans of promoting the car.”

Should HPD choose the GT3 route the NSX would replace the less-then-2-year-old TLX GT, saying the work to transition the TLX to a fully homologated GT3 car would be far too daunting.

“We’re looking at our options and one of them is to go two-wheel drive,” he said. “It’s just how big of a tear up is it? You could disconnect your front-wheel drive but is that really going to make a good race car?

“That’s the question we’re looking at right now. We need it to be competitive because otherwise, why be there?”

Eriksen went on to admit the importance of committing to a long term presence in American sports car racing.

“Certainly America is likely to be the biggest market for the [NSX], so it makes sense to race it here,” he said.

“We’re still trying to understand what specific series suits us best. Based on the rules, we have to work backwards to see how much time we need to prepare.”

He was cautious, saying not to expect the NSX GT until 2017 at the earliest.
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