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Dimples in New 2023 A-spec Leather

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Hi Folks,

Just purchased Black/Black A-spec and loving it. The only thing is that the passenger seat outside leg has pretty significant dimples and no one has even sat in this side for long (car has 100 miles of use as of today..).

Attached are pictures of driver side and passenger where the difference is obvious. I am taking to dealer tomorrow but curious if others on this forum with A-Spec had similar issue. To me this is clearly a manufacturing process flaw.



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Although these look irregular, I think you will have a hard time with a warranty claim for such appearance. They will walk around to other TLX's and see thelma for similar "dimple."
Let us know what your dealer has to say.
Actually it went really well. I was skeptical when the dealer service representative said it would have to be approved by the regional warranty manager and it could take 1-2 weeks. He sent him the pictures yesterday and I received word today that it was approved.

When I went to the dealer yesterday and met with the sales man who sold me the car and the service representative, I asked them to look at 3-4 2023 TLXes with me on the lot and it was so obvious. All were perfect with barely any dimples.

This makes me very happy, since the car is so great but the seat defect was so bad.
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They will probably take off the lower seat cushion and pull it tighter with new hog rings.
Update. They have an uphostery company that does this type of work. When it was completed, the seat was far worse than when I dropped it off. Both sides incredibly wrinked and the fronts near the knees were loose. The uphostery guy tried to explain to me that nothing more could be done and went off talking about "not enough hog rings on today's cars".
This all made no sense. So I asked to escalate this to the regional service manager. He agreed it was messed up and they put in an entirely new seat so now I am happy.
Great, doesn’t speak well for that upholstery shop! They can add hog rings!
Great, doesn’t speak well for that upholstery shop! They can add hog rings!
Did you used to work for Acura and handled these type seat issues? I seem to recall your name on another seat post..
No never did, but have done upholstery work on my own vehicles.
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