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I have searched this forum and have found multiple threads about Driver 1/2, FOBs and settings. I have also searched the TLX Owner's Manual and the TLX Owner's Navigation Guide to better understand how settings are associated with Driver 1/2. Which settings can you set that are recalled? When are these settings recorded (memorized). Which one's can you set in PARK vs. not-PARK.
Please remember that I do not own my TLX yet. I should be taking delivery within the month, so many of my questions may be answered with time in the vehicle. But hopefully this thread will help current as well as future owners.

Here's a couple quotes from the Manuals/Guides (all page number references are the page number as displayed on the page, not the page within the PDF):
At start-up, the driver’s keyless access remote is automatically detected and the address book settings, setup preferences, wallpapers, and audio settings for that driver (e.g., Driver 1) are loaded.
Nav Guide, p20
Customization is possible when you see the driver’s ID (Driver 1 or Driver 2) on the screen.
The driver’s ID indicates which remote transmitter you have used to unlock the driver’s door. The customized settings are recalled every time you unlock the driver’s door with that remote.
Owner's Manual, p126
You can store two driver’s seat (except for power lumbar) and door mirror positions with the driving position memory system.
When you unlock and open the driver’s door with a remote transmitter, or keyless access system, the seat and door mirrors adjust automatically to one of the two preset positions.
Owner's Manual, p174
Storing a Position in Memory
1. Set the power mode to ON. Adjust the driver’s seat and the door mirrors to the desired position.
2. Press the SET button.
You will hear the beep, and the memory button indicator light will blink.
3. Press memory button 1 or 2 within five seconds of pressing the SET button.
Once the seat and the door mirror positions have been memorized, the indicator light on the button you pressed stays on.

Recalling the Stored Position
Press a memory button 1 or 2.
You will hear the beep, and the indicator light will blink.
The seat and the door mirrors will automatically move to the memorized positions. When it has finished moving, you will hear the beep, and the indicator light
stays on.
Owner's Manual, p175
Ok, so you get to associate all kinds of settings with Driver 1 or Driver 2.
The Customization flow in the Owner's Manual, p260-263, and the list of customizable options following on p264-275 has I believe almost all the settings that should be set for Driver 1 and Driver 2. Although not mentioned in the manual, I am assuming that the items listed in the customizable options with a gray background are those that cannot be changed when not in PARK. (Can someone verify?)
In addition to these settings, can I assume that all the settings in the Owner's Navi Guide are also set for Driver 1 and Driver 2?

So Driver 1 can have:
  • seating/mirror adjustments unique
  • metric units
  • Spanish language
  • Temperature adjusted +2 degrees (C)
  • Own address book
  • Own shortcuts
  • Own preset stations
  • Trip A reset on ignition OFF
  • Trip B reset at refueling
  • Home address unique
  • Routing with no Freeways
  • Custom order of Audio Sources
  • Custom Sound settings (heavy bass, all Left, all Front)
and the list can go on.

When are these settings recorded to Driver 1 or Driver 2?

How are conflicts handled:
Driver 1: Trip A reset on ignition OFF, Trip B reset at refueling
Driver 2: Trip A reset at refueling, Trip B reset on ignition OFF

Let's keep this thread focused on "Customizable Options and FOB" and not how these functions work, or don't work.
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