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Just started listing the TSBs for the 2016 RDX. Some of these may apply to older models as well.

2016 Acura RDX Technical Service Bulletins:

TSB 15-019 - 2016 RDX: TQI and New Model Service Information
Applies To: 2016 RDX - All

TSB 15-020 - 2016 RDX: TQI of the Navigation System
Applies To: 2016 RDX - All with Navigation

TSB 15-023 - HomeLink System Has Weak or Limited Range
Applies To: 2013–16 RDX - ALL - ALL

If you have any TSBs or Recalls to add to the list, please let a moderator know or post all the information you have in this comments section. Links would be appreciated.

Since I do not own a RDX, I might miss TSBs and Recalls for this vehicle more than I would for my beloved TLX. :)
Appreciate any help.

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Great info. Where do you actually get this stuff from?
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