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The TLX is perhaps more sporty than sports car but there is one stat that I see that compares well with a number of luxury sports sedans. Not so much the 0-60 but rather the more everyday usable, which does not include launch control, 5-60 roll on start. According to Car and Driver the following cars were tested:

Lexus IS350-F Sport 6.2
Cadillac ATS 5.8
BMW 335 M Sport 5.5
BMW 435 6.0
Audi S4 (2010 test) 5.6
Any of the upsize luxury cars like the A6, 535X, MB E350 all are 6.0+

Just an interesting stat and not why I bought mine. Of course I am speaking of the V6 engine, not meaning to slight the I4 which is a very respectable vehicle in its own right. It fairs well against the A4, 328i, G25 and C250.

All respectable times and while the understated nature of the TLX doesn't boast powerful 0-60 #'s it does run 5-60 in 5.8 which certainly adds to the sense that the mid-range for this car is quite respectable. Just sayin'.......didn't mean to hi-jack your thread but just to add to the credit of the car.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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