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Using the main 4 buttons, Nav, Phone, Info, Audio: you are presented, in the upper screen, the main screen for each category.

For the Audio main screen, the source selection is presented, but never goes away (until you hit the back button).

Is this the expected behavior? (I have waiting minutes to see if it will go away...)

For Info, you do have a setting:
-Info Top
-Info Menu
This allows you to set what is displayed when you hit the Info button.

For Nav and Phone, those "First" screens are acceptable.

Whey would they have you force an action to get rid of the Source Screen when you hit the Audio button?
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I dislike that UI/UX myself.

I understand that it is assuming that you want to change the source, but there are multiple ways to perform that function with steering wheel and touch-screen.

I feel that the upper screen should just show what is currently playing. Then if you want to change anything use the <Menu> button.
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