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Are Wheels locks standard equipment?

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Hey guys. Sorry for the stupid question. I picked up a Certified 2017 Acura TLX a couple of months ago and just noticed that one of the lug nuts on each of the wheels is a wheel lock. Is this standard equipment? Since the TLX does not come with a spare tire, I am trying to buy a spare tire kit in case I need to change the tire but none of that is going to matter unless I can find a way to get the wheel locks off. If not standard equipment, what are my options to get this off and replace with a regular lug nut? Would a local tire place be able to remove and replace these wheel locks? Thanks.
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They aren’t standard but most dealers around me install them and try to get you to pay extra for them.
Check your glovebox or under your trunk carpet for the key. If it is the standard Acura lock it would be in a black bag.
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... And if you can't find the key, the Acura dealer should have one. There are only so many patterns. Once 've determined which it is, they should be able to order one for you.

P. S. I thought they came with every car. Mine had an unused set of locks in the trunk. I can't use them with the aftermarket wheels, so I'll probably just sell them.
I always make the dealer add the lug locks and floor and cargo all weather mats at no cost after we agree on the price. While some dealers have complained about it, they all have given in rather than loose the sale.
I get it why these are std equipment but I've been stuck a couple times because I left the darn key'd socket in my garage toolbox. Learned my lesson and always keep it at bottom of center console.
Thank for the reply guys. I remember looking through the glove box and trunk and not finding but I will check it again. The dealer is about 2.5-3 hours away so will try to email them and see how that goes. Also, was supposed to attach a pic when I first made the post but forgot so here it is.


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A straight-on close-up picture of that locking lug might allow the dealer to determine which pattern is needed.
Typically the socket for the lock nut is in a small black bag and attached to the factory wrench in the trunk.
I just had my TLX in for brake service. I did not tell them about the wheel locks, or where the "key" was located (driver door map pocket).
They must have one of each in their tool kit!
Mine were also "added" in at purchase. I think it was $100
Mine doesn't have wheel locks, although I'm thinking of buying.
Mine doesn't have wheel locks, although I'm thinking of buying.
If you wheels are OEM, PM me, and we can talk about the set I have if you'd like.
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