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Just wondering if we think the TLX is the type of car that will see itself with robust after market support? Ostensibly going off precedent from other Acura vehicles I would say yes, but on the other hand I don't know if I can see the aftermarket support for the TLX blistering much past cosmetic goodies, maybe intakes, exhausts have got to be a long shot?

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I think demographics will have a big impact. I could be completely wrong but I think the older people get the less they are likely to modify their cars.

I would think that whatever has been done in the past with the TL will likely follow.

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I'm thinking the same. We'll see how many of the younger crowd get one and what happens after that.
Like some, I too am skeptical of there being a strong aftermarket for Acuras (the TLX in particular) and this is one of the reasons I added the Launch Kit.

In my opinion, the demographics related to the ILX lend themselves to a likely greater aftermarket offering; however, only time will tell.
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