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Acura TLX tire advice

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Often underestimated, quality tires can determine the level of your driving enjoyment for thousands of miles, especially if you drive a high-performance car like an Acura TLX. But, is there a universal recipe for good performance tires for an Acura TLX? The short answer is not; however, there is a set of workable recommendations provided below that you’d follow to choose the right tires for your Acura.
How to buy tires for Acura TLX

Your perfect performance tires are mostly determined by your driving style and the typical driving conditions you will encounter, but we also recommend you select them based on your maximum speed and the worst driving conditions possible.
In plain English, your new tires should meet the following criteria:
  1. The speed rating of the tires must equal or exceed your vehicle’s top speed. The higher the rating, the better control you’ll have at higher speeds.
  2. The tire type must meet your driving conditions. For example, if you live in a cold climate with lots of snow, beyond a doubt, summer tires are not the best choice.
  3. The tires you’re about to purchase have undergone rigorous quality tests and are recommended by both professionals and regular customers.
What characteristics to consider while choosing tires for your Acura:
245/40R19 comes for A-Spec;
245/40R19 is for SH-AWD 3.5L;
225/50R18 if you have SH-AWD 3.5L as well.
The price for Acura TLX Tires usually varies between $150 - $350 per tire.

There is also an easier way. You can visit a reputed store like Truck&Gear whose specialists will help you select the best tires for your Acura based on your needs and budget.
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