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Hello everybody, I'm new here. Just joined the forum today. I've been a member of other vehicle forums (mainly Honda ones).
I joined this one because I just became a proud owner of a brand new TLX yesterday.
A little about me, last year I started as a Certified Honda Sales Consultant here in Southern Texas. And just last month we opened up the very first Acura dealership in the area and I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the sales consultants for this brand new dealership.
Raised in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon), and spent a few years in Southern California (Los Angeles), I now live in the Rio Grande Valley, TX.
I'm a very techie and knowledgeable associate and hope to lend plenty of helpful information to this community! I'll post some pics of my new car very soon.

my vehicle history:
2005 Honda CRV EX - 5AT - silver
2007 Honda CIVIC Hybrid - CVT - 4dr - silver
1996 Geo Prizm - 3AT - 4dr - gold
1989 VW Golf 5MT - 2dr - white
1990 Plymouth Sundance - 5MT - 4dr - white

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Welcome to the forum! It will be great to have someone on the sales side as part of the group.

Post some pictures when you have some time.
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