If you live in the Kansas City area or want to drive here, I have a deal for you!

I am trading in my 21 TLX Advance SH-AWD soon and have a set of Winter tires, wheels with the TPMS installed. Used for one season (3,500 miles).

These tires/wheels were bought online from Discount Tire Direct.

Product code 40877 225 /55 R18 98H SL BSW 187.00 each X4 = 748.00 WDOH01 WDOH01 BRI BLIZZAK WS90
Product code for the wheels 59142 1 4 18 X8 5-120.00 40 BKMTXX 148.00 each X 4 = 592.00 WDOH01 WDOH01 LIQ SHADOW
TPMS installed in package 46222 1 4 VDO 3751 TQ60 BLUE 433 MHZ 45.00 .00
Lug nuts included.

My total cost was $1750.30 delivered. With the SH-AWD the TLX was a winter dream.

I have curb rash on one wheel that ironically I got at the car wash right before I had my stock wheels put back on.
Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.