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I've been researching and reading over as many forums as possible. I really want to pull off 20X10.5 wheels without going air. I realize this is aggressive. I will have the rear camber kit from SPC to allow for maximum clearance in the rear. The coils will have from camber plates as well ( BC BR series ) The offset I am thinking is a +30 and the tire size all round would be 245/35/20.

There's got to be at least one person on here who's tried this and succeeded or failed? Stop me now if this 100% won't work. I am fine with fender rolling/the occasional rubbing when full locked.

Thinking the Niche M117's in Matte black for reference.

Any input would be great as I am new to the TLX platform (yay, 1st post ** discussion lol **) I come from the VW/Audi world.


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