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Hello Folks,
I am new to this forum and i am starting off with a problem. I bought a 2020 TLX in Dec 2020 and initially I had a steering vibration issue even at low speeds. Took it to the dealer and they did a road force balance and issue was resolved

Since I am not driving actively due to Covid, I started noticing vibrations in the highway on and off at random times. Then i read the forums and found out 2015+ TLXs had this issue.
I took it to the dealer again and they did a test drive with me in the passenger seat. He gradually increased the speed and there was no vibration. They also did a wheel balancing just in case. Technician told me that 2015 TLX had this issue and they rectified it. But not completely.

Came home and asked my cousin to drive it. We discovered that the vibration comes mostly If the accelerator is pressed a little hard at 80KMPH all the way till 120/130. This is in ECON mode. Its slightly better in SPORT+ mode where the VCM is disabled.

I am now stuck with a new TLX with an annoying vibration. I am scared this issue will be catapulted to something worse as it ages. Not sure what to do.

I read a lot of threads related to this issue and unsure what the actual solution was.

Next Options
1. Going to take to the service center again. I will press the accelerator again and ensure they notice the issue.
2. Try wheel balancing outside. Not sure if it will void the warranty especially with this issue. Acura can cite that since I did wheel balancing outside, it causes the issue.
3. Sell the car and buy a different brand car. I have to incur a lot of loss.
4. Live with this issue.
5. I live in Ontario where there are no lemon laws.

Please help ! Me and my wife are getting sleepless nights due to this issue.

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Try a test drive of another 2020 TLX to see if you can repeat the issue. If there is no vibration experienced (in the "other" 2020 TLX), then you have to get it repaired.
You really need to get it repeatable so you can show the Service Department that there is a problem.
Same roads, same weight in the car, same speed profile, same outside temp.
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