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Hey all,

so i brought it upon myself to test whether the cluster from a 2020 RDX would be a plug and play fit with my 2018 TLX to which i discovered; it is not. Once i plugged it in, the screen remained black and only the high beam indicator illuminated. The connector is the same but i have a feeling that the pinout for the TLX is different than the RDX but i have no idea how to re-allocate the connection. I also reached out to every cluster guy i could find to see if maybe the can ids are just different and would just need programming but none of them knew much about acura clusters. Im coming here to see if maybe any of you have a ounce of an idea

I also looked into completed replacing the radio unit with the new multi information display because it seems a lot of the connections from the current dash harness would translate over but that is a whole project i do not feel like dealing with now. I only considered this because i feel the radio information is not being sent to the new cluster correctly and could be causing some issues
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